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Padmalatha Ravi is a storyteller who is not shy about form. She’s expressed and documented stories though journalism, documentaries and even workshops for kids. She is a trained broadcast journalist and a documentary filmmaker by choice. She’s backed with 12 years of experience spanning across broadcast, print and online media. 

Padma has worked with India Today Network as a journalist at both AajTak and Headlines Today channels. Between 2007-1011 she co-founded and ran Just Femme, a magazine that focused on gender issues. The Just Femme team pulled off a 3 day international women’s film festival in collaboration with National Gallery of Modern Arts Bangalore Film Society in 2010. She was the Associate Editor for the Bangalore based online magazine, from 2011 to 2013. Her articles have appeared in The Hindu, Deccan Herald, The new Indian Express, india, and Agenda magazine.

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Visual storytelling is a love I have nurtured all along. From VHS tapes to mini dvs to CDs to memory card, medium has changed, my style has transformed, however, the passion is still the same. Stories that teach, stories that inform, stories that transform, stories that inspire and stories that call to action, we tell it all. We tell it better.


Telling a multi-layered story in a single frame is an art; we have learnt that art. We play with light and colour to make authentic images. Though we work with different subjects, people photography is our favourite.


Theatre can gently shift the landscapes of the minds both in children and adults. We love facilitating this process. Corporates, schools, colleges we work with all age groups. Playing is serious fun for us.


There, their, they’re - we know the difference. 16 years of writing for television news, print and online publications, coffee table books, columns, means I take writing seriously. I work with a network of professionals who are equally dedicated to the art of writing. 

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